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Why a Cash Balance Retirement Plan Might be a Good Option for Business Owners

Posted on: 7/29/15 by James E. Amell, CPA

As a business owner looking to increase deductions for your own retirement savings, a cash balance retirement plan could be for you.

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A Primer for Nonprofit Organizations on the FASB’s New Revenue Recognition Accounting Standard

Posted on: 7/29/15 by

Nonprofit financial executives are struggling with the changes posed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s Accounting Standards Update, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, and how this will impact their organizations.

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Nonprofit Facts: Did you know…

Posted on: 7/29/15 by Heather R. Lewis, CPA

Data from a survey of 261 leading U.S. companies, including 62 Fortune 100 companies, reveals they contributed more than $25 billion in total giving in 2013, equivalent to around 1 percent of pre-tax profits, or more than $600 per employee, according to an article in The Conversation. 

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Maximizing the Tax Benefits of Installment Sales - Special Tax Rules Apply to Real Estate Gains

Posted on: 7/29/15 by Christopher L. Cimijotti, CPA

If you are trying to sell appreciated commercial real estate in today’s market, you may have to compromise.  For instance, if you refuse to budge on price, you might have to make other concessions, such as agreeing to an installment sale for a buyer with limited liquidity.

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Start-Up Center: Is it Time to Sell?

Posted on: 7/29/15 by Kevin P. O'Leary, CPA

There comes a time for many start-ups when it’s time to ask the question: “Are you ready to sell?” Selling a business can be one of the most challenging tasks that you will face as a business owner. Before you start the process, ensure that you are truly ready to sell, lest you suffer a serious case of “seller’s remorse.”

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When to Take Social Security Benefits

Posted on: 7/29/15 by Heather D. Patten, CPA

If you are approaching retirement, one of the key decisions you will face is when to begin receiving Social Security benefits. It is not an easy call, and the answer usually depends on your personal circumstances. Keeping that in mind, here is a brief summary of the rules provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA). 

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General Not-For-Profit Update Webinar Slated for 7/15

Posted on: 7/2/15 by

Not-for-Profit accounting professionals, board members and executive management interested in the latest not-for-profit accounting standards are encouraged to participate in a complementary webinar.

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Eight Tax Moves to Make at Midyear

Posted on: 6/25/15 by Kevin J. McCoy, CPA, CFF

The summer is not just the season for recreation and relaxation. It can also be the time to reduce your 2015 tax liability. Here are eight prime examples for individuals and small-business owners:

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Substantial Accounting Changes Likely for Nonprofits

Posted on: 6/25/15 by Carol A. Hausamann, CPA

More than two decades have passed since nonprofit organizations have seen any significant changes to their accounting procedures. The well known procedures will change if recently issued proposals by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) are adopted and implemented.

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Receiving Payments in QuickBooks

Posted on: 6/25/15 by Margaret Hurlburt, CPA

There are numerous ways to prioritize your workday. Do the most difficult things first. Get important phone calls out of the way. Respond to customer emails. But it's likely that one activity takes precedence when you see that it needs to be done: recording payments.

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