Marvin & Company’s First My95: Supporting the YWCA-GCR BraVa!

When you think about people who truly are in need here in our country, you might visualize families living in poverty, homeless men and women or malnourished children. I know I have. But like layers of an onion, a big problem often is traceable to many underlying causes—and it also breeds a host of smaller, but no less insidious, issues. Those issues often are overlooked; yet for the people they affect, they’re problems that impact their dignity and obstruct their path to better days.

As a woman, I have always taken bras for granted. They’re just…there…and they always have been. But for many women and girls who live under the cloud of poverty, that’s not the reality. Bras aren’t always there. They often don’t have access to them, or they simply can’t afford them. Women and girls who live every day of their lives under very trying circumstances are challenged enough to find and hold good jobs and seek better lives for themselves and their loved ones. Doing so without bras – a fundamental clothing accessory – may seem trivial on the surface; but it makes their challenges harder…and it also robs them of the dignity they deserve.

Marvin & Company’s “My95” initiative has blessed me and my colleagues with an opportunity to make a difference. Ninety-five dollars by itself won’t change the world or solve big problems with a broad stroke. But, it can help to address smaller – and equally important – issues, and by extension, improve the lives of people in need.

March 8 marked International Women’s Day. In commemoration of this, our friends at Teal, Becker & Chiaramonte CPAs have partnered with the YWCA of the Greater Capital Region, Inc. (YWCA-GCR) and others to purchase bras and donate funds to the YWCA-GCR BraVa! campaign. Free bras are one step toward restoring some of the dignity women and girls in need have lost along the way and empowering them to get back on their feet. I am so pleased to allocate “My95” to this worthy cause.

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