Marvin and Company’s Next My95: Rachel Leung Supports Koinonia Primary Medical Care

Koinonia is a non-profit medical clinic located at 553 Clinton Avenue, Albany NY. The clinic primarily services downtown Albany and the surrounding area by providing both medical and psychological care to those who are unable to get treatment. Koinonia started around 2001 by Dr. Bob Paeglow, who is still the clinic’s primary physician today. Dr. Bob had grown up in the West Hill area and saw the desperate need for physical, psychological, and spiritual nourishment in Albany. With a staff comprised of both professionals and volunteers, Koinonia dedicates everything they have to assist the less fortunate.

To Rachel, Koinonia is extended family. Her introduction to the organization was through her mother who is one of the resident clinical psychologists. She shares Dr. Bob’s vision of providing care through compassion and community. Since middle school, she has been able to assist Koinonia in various ways, from administrative assistance to volunteer events. In times of need, the staff have lent her support through any means necessary, even on the personal level. She firmly believe that Koinonia has impacted West Hill tremendously and is excited to see what else the clinic has in store for the future.

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