Marvin and Company’s Next My95: John Unser Supports Ballston Spa Schools and Gordon Creek Elementary

Seeing our young strive and succeed in life is very important to John Unser and his wife, Sarah.  They believe that one of the most important ways they can support children to feel successful in school is by fostering good attendance habits early on in life.  That is why John has chosen to make a donation to the Gordon Creek Elementary School (where his wife is a reading specialist) and their Attendance Committee. They are working closely with their students and making it a priority that all students come to school regularly to be able to learn and succeed!

Did you know that good attendance helps children do well in school and eventually in the workplace?  Missing just 10% of the school year (18 days) can affect learning and social relationships. Even occasional absences can add up! 1-2 absences per month can have a large impact. If children do not show up regularly to school, they miss out on the fundamental reading and math skills and the chance to build a habit of good attendance that will carry them into college and careers.   Attendance matters at Gordon Creek Elementary School. That’s why the Gordon Greek Elementary School has established an attendance committee (consisting of teachers and staff) to help promote good/better attendance habits at a young age.  John Unser and Marvin and Company, P.C. are proud to support Gordon Creek Elementary with a My95 pay-it-forward donation to help promote good attendance at school. 

Check out more about the Gordon Creek Elementary School Attendance Program by clicking here

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