Marvin and Company’s Next My95: Supporting the Double H Ranch

Posted on: 5/30/18 by Marvin and Company

As a parent, I want my child to learn and experience all of the things that I was able to experience growing up. Sleepovers with friends, sports after school, and camp in the summertime. I think that we often take for granted the opportunities that we have as they are readily accessible and seem to be commonplace.

For families who have children with severe disabilities or life threatening illnesses, these opportunities are not as readily available. There are people in my life who would not be able to attend a regular summer camp due to the fact that their medical needs are too vast, and regular camps are not equipped to provide them the care that they require.

I am proud to support the Double H Ranch with the “My95” campaign. Double H Ranch provides camp to children with life threatening illnesses at no cost to the families. It is so important that kids are allowed to be kids, and the Double H Ranch provides that opportunity to children who otherwise may not be able to have that experience.

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