Crisis Management and Business Continuity

Posted on: 4/2/20 by Kevin P. O'Leary, CPA


The old ways of managing risk are not enough to protect the people, products, and profits that shape organizations. Companies must think creatively to survive – looking both inside and outside the discipline of risk for inspiration. BDO understands this necessity and structures its services around five complementary areas:


Marvin and Company’s Crisis Management & Business Continuity professionals not only master the nuances of industry standards, but also demystify the characteristics of world-class programs—including the importance of training, engagement, and choosing the best-fit technologies. Marvin and Company provides three risk services to lay the foundation for lasting client relationships.

  • Program assessments. Risk program assessments, analyses, and audits orient an organization. Whether it is a rapid assessment or an ISO audit, Marvin and Company can provide organizations with an actionable assessment from which to build a world-class program.
  • Program governance & strategy. One of the greatest challenges of any risk program is to operationalize it—to create a sustainable program that provides demonstrable value to the organization. Marvin and Company helps organizations develop the right program structure and strategies needed to make their goals a reality.
  • Program implementation & maintenance. For companies who need staff augmentation, Marvin and Company provides program implementation and maintenances services. Using their activity-based data collection methods and facilitation acumen, we can facilitate and complete business impacts analyses (BIAs), plans, assessments, and more for clients anywhere in the world.


Technology is essential to a risk program’s scalability, efficiency, and data integrity. However, a technology alone is not always the solution to the problems that programs face. Used properly, technology paired with the right consulting services holds the potential to revolutionize programs. Marvin and Company provides both custom and turn-key technology services to drive program automation, self-service, and data integrity.


Leaders of risk teams understand the competing forces that their stakeholders face daily and are looking for better ways to engage them. Teams struggle with inconsistent demand for their services and to foster a participation culture of “want-to” versus “have-to.” Marvin and Company answers this call for greater engagement with its design services. From marketing campaigns to program brands to gamification to ground-breaking activities, our design services elevate the equity of risk programs world-wide.

Marvin and Company uses two design services that lay the foundation for risk program engagement.

  • Program branding & marketing. The best risk programs have an engaging brand, an articulated value proposition, target stakeholders, and standardized materials. Marvin and Company acts as a change agent for struggling programs, challenging clients to market their program as they would a new commercial product.
  • Program activities. Design thinking is implicit to every Marvin and Company deliverable, methodology, and exercise. We continually look for new ways to improve the speed and quality of data collection through activities, collaboration, and engagement. These activities demonstrate the value of innovation to clients and separate Marvin and Company from competitors.


Building and maintaining successful executive training requires more than tests, plans, and templates. The best programs unpack the psychology of risk, leverage decision-making frameworks, and motivate executives to change team dynamics. Marvin and Company introduces fresh ways of training and learning that blend cognitive science, military models, storytelling, engagement strategies, and industry standards. Whether you are a board member or business continuity team member, this multi-disciplined approach promotes incredible retention and engagement for all. Marvin and Company provides three risk services to drive executive training and learning.

  • Executive exercising. As organizations adapt to today’s business landscape, so must its crisis and business management strategies. Marvin and Company is highly skilled at delivering actionpacked, interactive exercises that drive true resiliency within organizations.
  • Train-the-trainer. Seasoned in-house teams come to Marvin and Company to learn and apply techniques that they cannot get at a conference or from an association. Marvin and Company provides the scripts, presentations, and activities to internal resources, so that they deliver dynamic exercises, capture relevant BIA data, and build meaningful plans.
  • Hot-topic workshops. Whether the topic is blockchain, machine learning, or the psychology of risk, Marvin and Company can educate executives on the pressing topics shaping the future of the risk industry.


For companies seeking staff augmentation, Marvin and Company experts act as an extension of their team, so that leaders can focus on the more pressing demands of their role. All aspects of a program can be outsourced to Marvin and Company, from program governance to plan development to training and exercising.


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