Our History

Roughly 35,000 days have passed since the formation of the firm we now call Marvin and Company. The original founder, Charles L. Marvin, passed away in 1971, but we continue carrying on the same values he emphasized for over 40 years while at Marvin and Company. Below is a brief timeline of the history of Marvin and Company.


The firm was organized by Charles L. Marvin.


Arthur A. Bianchi and Fred C. Maune became partners with Charles L. Marvin.


Mr. Marvin retired.


Edward D. Knapp became a partner in 1969. In 1970, Nicholas J. Mastracchio, Jr., Robert F. Matt and Thomas C. Roberts became partners.
In 1975, Mr. Bianchi and Mr. Maune retired. That same year, the firm became a professional corporation.


Kevin J. McCoy became a director.


The Albany firm of Zuckerman and Ray merged with Charles L. Marvin And Company, P.C. and Max Zuckerman and Michael F. Ray joined as directors, thus providing the firm with an office in Albany.


Thomas W. Donovan became a director. Frank S. Venezia was named a director in 1985. Also in 1985, the Johnstown firm of Salluzzo and Gleason merged with the firm, and Robert J. Salluzzo joined the Firm as director of the newly acquired Gloversville office.


The Rotterdam firm of Wayne S. Thomas merged with the firm when Mr. Thomas left public accounting.


Michael F. Ray retired. In 1989, Edward D. Knapp retired. In 1991, Nicholas J. Mastracchio, Jr. retired and Mary Ann Racicot and Timothy N. O'Connor became directors. Kevin J. McCoy, CPA, CFF named Managing Director.


Thomas C. Roberts retired and James Amell, Carol Hausamann, and Benjamin Lasher became directors.


The firm name was changed from Charles L. Marvin, P.C. to Marvin and Company, P.C. in November 1998. The Albany and Schenectady offices were consolidated into one office located at 11 British American Boulevard in Latham.



Daniel J. Litz became a director.


Marvin and Company became paperless.


Timothy A. Reynolds, Karl F. Newton and Kevin P. O’Leary became directors.


The Queensbury firm of Ross, Rigby & Patten, located at 111 Everts Avenue was acquired by Marvin and Company, P.C. giving Marvin 2 office locations.


Marvin and Company celebrated 90 years.






Heather R. Lewis became the youngest female director in the firm's history.

Frank S. Venezia retired.


Alan W. Clink became a director.


Marvin and Company celebrates 95 years.

The Albany firm of Tice, Brunell & Co., CPA's P.C. merges with Marvin and Company, P.C. adding two Principals and one Senior Tax Associate.




Kevin P. O'Leary, CPA named Managing Director.

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