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Use Recurring Transactions in QuickBooks Online

Posted on: 1/9/17 by Reshma N. Mulchandani, CPA

You know how much time QuickBooks Online already saves you. Customer, vendor, and item records need never be entered again once they’re created for the first time. There’s another way QuickBooks Online can reduce the time you spend on accounting chores: recurring transactions. If you have invoices, bills, and other transactions that occur on a regular basis, you can save all or part of their data to use again. You can even choose to have them dispatched automatically. Here's how.

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What’s the Difference Between Nonprofit and For-Profit Accounting, and How Does it Impact the Fiduciary Duties of Board Members?

Posted on: 1/9/17 by Thomas W. Hosey, CPA

In light of several nonprofit failures in recent years, it has become even more vital for members of nonprofit boards to exercise the duty of due care as described above by understanding how their organization communicates its financial results and operations. Members of nonprofit boards tend to come from the for-profit world, where financial reporting is quite different. In this article, we have highlighted some of the financial reporting differences between nonprofit and for-profit entities to help board members understand and fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.

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A Deeper Dive Into ASU 2016-14 Implementation Issues

Posted on: 1/9/17 by Carol A. Hausamann, CPA

As organizations look to implement ASU 2014-16 and meet its requirements, they must account for how these changes may impact how they collect information. This article will highlight three of these areas.

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Fringe Benefit Items to Include On 2016 Form W-2

Posted on: 1/9/17 by Heather D. Patten, CPA

Please be aware that the 2016 tax year Forms W-2 and 1099-MISC (with income reported in Box 7) are now due to the IRS by January 31, 2017. The failure to include taxable fringe benefits in an employee’s/shareholder’s Form W‑2 may result in lost deductions and additional tax and civil penalties.


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Employee Benefit Plan Audits: Questions to Consider

Posted on: 1/9/17 by Alan W. Clink, CPA

Many companies don’t take the time throughout the year to evaluate their plan and any changes that should be made to it. This time of year is a great time to analyze the plan for any changes that can take place during the next year to minimize costs or add value to the plan. There are five basic questions companies can ask themselves to make sure they understand what needs to happen relating to the plan over the next year. 

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Tax Deductions on the Move: Rules for Job-Related Moving Expenses

Posted on: 1/9/17 by Debra L. Smith, CPA

Are you planning a move in the near future? If so, be aware of special tax rules for deducting moving expenses on your personal tax return. In some cases, moving expenses are fully or partially deductible, while other times they are not.

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IRS Maps Out New Per Diem Rates

Posted on: 1/9/17 by Daniel J. Litz, CPA

The IRS pays close attention to deductions claimed for business travel expenses. Both employers and employees must meet strict recordkeeping requirements or face unintended consequences. Fortunately, you can obtain some relief by using IRS-approved per diem allowances in lieu of accounting for every expense. The IRS has updated the per diem rates for business travelers in the government’s 2017 fiscal year.

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Early Tax Filers Get the Worm

Posted on: 1/9/17 by Victoria A. Reilly, EA

Should you file your tax return early? It most likely will not hurt, and it certainly can help if you have immediate plans to use the money from a refund.

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Five Ways to Improve Business Budgets

Posted on: 1/9/17 by Heather R. Lewis, CPA

Take a long, hard look at your process. Is it accomplishing all the objectives you hope to meet, including strategic planning, resource allocation, and performance and compensation evaluations? If not, change may be required. Here are five suggestions to consider.

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Holiday Greeting

Posted on: 12/14/16 by

View our 2016 holiday greeting

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